Code To Joy: The World’s Happiest Kept Secret

IT’S A QUESTION that has launched a thousand self-help seminars, a riddle that has perplexed multitudes, a mystery that enthralled the ancients: What is the secret of happiness? Jewish thought has long emphasized the importance of living with joy. But how? And can you really choose to be happy?

This extraordinary course goes beneath the surface to find answers. Synthesizing timeless Jewish wisdom and the latest findings from the field of positive psychology, we look at how wealth, meaning, trust, optimism, regret, faith, introspection, mindfulness, relationships, and ritual all interrelate with our outlook on life. Packed with spiritual insights you can apply to real life, you’ll love every minute of discover-ing the Code to Joy.

We invite you to crack the code and find the key to J in every lesson.

  Classes will run in person and online alternating between Hobart & Devonport.
They will also be held in person in Launceston. 


Monday evenings monthly 
in a private home.

If you would like to volunteer to host a class, please  contact us.


Tuesday evenings bi-monthly
at the home of Danita Needleman at 7:00 pm

Please  register for address.

 *Dates/times are subject to change. 

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