Chabad of Tasmania was founded in 1984 under the auspices of the  Lubavitcher Rebbe, in the home of David and Pnina Clark in Hobart, with the assistance of Rabbi Yossi Gordon as visiting Rabbi.

In 1986, when the  Lubavitcher Rebbe encouraged the purchase and/or expansion of Chabad Houses throughout the world, Rabbi Joseph Gutnick purchased a historic mansion at 5 Brisbane St. Launceston as a permanent home for Chabad. Rabbi Yossi Gordon as traveling Shliach, operated the Chabad House and its activities for 25 years with the invaluable help of local volunteer Gershon Goldsteen.

In 2011, Rabbi Yochanan and Rochel Gordon were invited to Tasmania as resident Shluchim to expand the programs and activities for the benefit of Jews living in or visiting the island State.



With G‑d’s infinite blessings and the generous support and involvement of concerned Jews, Chabad of Tasmania has grown rapidly during the years since its founding, in particular over the past eight years.

We have initiated educational and social programs that cater to both the local Jewish community and to the significant population of visitors, whether coming for business or leisure.

We provides Rabbinic leadership and guidance, kosher food and other religious requirements to the local Jewish community, as well as for Jewish visitors.

Chabad of Tasmania relies on support from locals, travelers and concerned Jews the world over. All contributions are used exclusively to support and enhance these programs. 

In 2018, Chabad of Tasmania established the JCC Tas Benevolent Society Inc. to provide assistance to those in need including but not limited to, poor and isolated individuals around Tasmania. JCC Tas Benevolent Society Inc. is a charitable organisation recognised by the ACNC and is DGR Tax deductible.


Many Israeli citizens pass through Tasmania each year as well as hundreds of Jews of other nationalities. It is for this reason that Chabad of Tasmania is in the process of establishing special programs to provide a “home away from home” for these “backpackers”. We welcome these travelers offering them assistance, guidance, a listening ear and providing a powerful and memorable Jewish experience.

We look forward to expanding our Shabbat and Holiday programs which are attended by many as well as Public Pesach Sedarim and the High Holidays.


Chabad's sole purpose is to “love every Jew, help every Jew, bring every Jew closer to his/her Jewishness” by providing spiritual, material and social support for all Jews regardless of their origin, affiliation or degree of observance. This creates an atmosphere of unity, which transcends all differences/levels of observance and guarantees Jewish continuity.

The Rebbe taught his followers that no matter what remote part of the world a Jew finds himself, he should be able to visit a welcoming haven to meet, socialize and pray with his fellow Jews. To that end, Chabad operates a vast and growing  global network of outreach centres , which number in the thousands and can be found, from Colombia to Kazakhstan, from Alaska to Timbuktu.

At Chabad of Tasmania, we are continuing the Rebbe's vision.