Rabbi Yossi & Mina Gordon

In 1984 Rabbi Yossi and Mina Gordon founded Chabad of Tasmania under the auspices of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Since its establishment Rabbi Gordon has been visiting Tasmania, organizing Jewish Holiday events, Shabbatons, Jewish learning classes and visitations to Jews around the Island.

Rabbi Yossi and Mina live in Melbourne and serve as teachers and spiritual mentors to many people in the community, both in Tasmania and Victoria. Their 13 children and are spread across the world, some of whom are Chabad Shluchim in their respective city of residence. 

Rabbi Yochanan & Rochel Gordon

In September 2011, Rabbi Yochanan and Rochel Gordon moved across the world, and made Tasmania their home together with their 18 month son, Sholom. Their arrival brought the first resident Rabbi back to Tasmania after 60 years.

Working on the foundation established by Rabbi Yossi Gordon (Yochanan's father) Rabbi Yochanan and Rochel's hope and aspiration was and is to reach every single Jew in Tasmania.

They hope to create a warm and vibrant Jewish Community for now and for the future of Jewry in Tasmania.